Full Moon Shamanic Drum session

Last night, for the first time this life, I went into a soundjourney of shamanic drums. My beloved friends and I went to a shamanic drum session, where we met other friends, sisters and brothers.

When we came in the chamber where the drumsession would be, we were all cleared from negative energies. I already felt the energy rising at that moment, by the tingling in my hands and feet. We were asked to walk a circle around the all the seats available before we would choose our place to sit.

I already saw the spot where I wanted to seat myself, but hesitated, as my friend was sitting right on the opposite of that spot, and so I walked towards her. She saw my hesitation and said, that first spot you saw, why not go and sit there? It feels like that is your place. And my thoughts told me the same. So I walked on, towards the other side of the room.

There I saw why I was going to sit there, the drum that laid on that spot, had my mark on it, my soulmark, that I often see and often draw. It is my heart-energy symbol and I use it often, it is in my akasha and is part of me. It was only slightly visible on the drum that was laying on that spot, and I had not seen it until I sat down and took the drum into my hands.

It was ofcourse not exactly this drawing, but it did have the spiral and the heart in the same way.
The drum session started, and I got carried away with this loving energy all evening. I went back to my previous life as a shamanic healer in the Dakote or Lakota area. Saw myself dancing on the beat there too. It felt so good, like coming home again and feeling totally my self, this is my heart.
The sounds around me were amazing, sometimes I only heard my own drum with the drums of the others as the background, sometimes it was a full song of all the drums together. My heartbeat went up and down, with the rithm of the drumbeat, as if it was part of the whole event (and ofcourse it was!!).
Later, when we did the little boat healing part, I felt my guides and my guardian angel pulling me up, and for a short moment I just saw my lovely guardian angel above me, playing with me. But I did not want to go up with him, I wanted to stay here, right now! I was really becoming sound, as the drums went right through me, and definitely I felt my heart and whole body bouncing and vibrating on the beat of the drums.
I had the most energetic evening and although I came home late, I did not feel tired next day!
By the way, this wat not a souljourney, but very much a mixture of 3D and other levels of our existency...

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