Full Moon Shamanic Drum session

Last night, for the first time this life, I went into a soundjourney of shamanic drums. My beloved friends and I went to a shamanic drum session, where we met other friends, sisters and brothers.

When we came in the chamber where the drumsession would be, we were all cleared from negative energies. I already felt the energy rising at that moment, by the tingling in my hands and feet. We were asked to walk a circle around the all the seats available before we would choose our place to sit.

I already saw the spot where I wanted to seat myself, but hesitated, as my friend was sitting right on the opposite of that spot, and so I walked towards her. She saw my hesitation and said, that first spot you saw, why not go and sit there? It feels like that is your place. And my thoughts told me the same. So I walked on, towards the other side of the room.

There I saw why I was going to sit there, the drum that laid on that spot, had my mark on it, my soulmark, that I often see and often draw. It is my heart-energy symbol and I use it often, it is in my akasha and is part of me. It was only slightly visible on the drum that was laying on that spot, and I had not seen it until I sat down and took the drum into my hands.

It was ofcourse not exactly this drawing, but it did have the spiral and the heart in the same way.
The drum session started, and I got carried away with this loving energy all evening. I went back to my previous life as a shamanic healer in the Dakote or Lakota area. Saw myself dancing on the beat there too. It felt so good, like coming home again and feeling totally my self, this is my heart.
The sounds around me were amazing, sometimes I only heard my own drum with the drums of the others as the background, sometimes it was a full song of all the drums together. My heartbeat went up and down, with the rithm of the drumbeat, as if it was part of the whole event (and ofcourse it was!!).
Later, when we did the little boat healing part, I felt my guides and my guardian angel pulling me up, and for a short moment I just saw my lovely guardian angel above me, playing with me. But I did not want to go up with him, I wanted to stay here, right now! I was really becoming sound, as the drums went right through me, and definitely I felt my heart and whole body bouncing and vibrating on the beat of the drums.
I had the most energetic evening and although I came home late, I did not feel tired next day!
By the way, this wat not a souljourney, but very much a mixture of 3D and other levels of our existency...


Preparation for initiation

I made this souljourney a few days before my Reiki 3a Initiation, and did not know it had everything to do with it untill the day ofthe initiation. Here are some images and parts of the story about my souljourney:

I was standing in some kind of huge hallway, with multiple doors, leading to different rooms. It was a very "stoney" surrounding I found myself in. It felt like some temple or cathedral, with on the floor a huge circle with 8 corners. The drawing within this circle was not totally clear to me.

While I was standing there with my guide, he gave me a little golden thing. I could not immediately see it clear, that took about one day. And I just waited there, watching the golden light that came through the keyhole and the small cracks next to the door.

The other day the journey went on and I suddenly could clearly see the golden thing my guide had given me. It was a little tiny Ankh, and he told me I had to open the door with it.

I truely doubted this, how could I open such a huge door with this little tiny key? Was it really possible? And so I waited a little bit more, but nothing else came and I saw myself going towards this door. It felt as such a big and heavy door to open, and the key was soo light, it almost floated in my hand. But I somehow did put it into the keyhole and opened the door with it.
Slowly the door went open, and I entered the room. The first thing I walked through was a huge spiraling golden energy, that was in the middle of the room. It was like sparkling golden light that swirled up.
There was a fireplace with two chairs towards it. The room was filled with guests from above. Spirits from the white brotherhood they told me. They were sitting all around me in a big circle, close to the outerparts of the room and walls.
My guide and I set down on the two chairs, facing eachother, and he talked about something. I could not really hear what he was telling me, but he gave me a feeling about some important issue that was about to happen, and why the guests were in this room. It felt like a big support from the group for this event.
Then suddenly we stood up and went to the middle of the room, into the swirling golden energy again, where Cialaar signed something on my forehead, a shiny star. I feel a bursting of energy and dust falls of my body, leaving little pieces of stone on the floor next to me. Leaving me all white in the middle still of this amazing energy.
Suddenly I see this golden crown in front of me on a small pillow. I kneel down before it, a tear on my face while watching it.
An uncertain feeling hit me... what was this? And then I understood that this was my crown, and that I had to put it on my head. There was a resistance whitin me, telling me I could not do it, it was not right. Telling me also, I was not worth such a crown. Was this my ego speaking up? It takes a while and the members of the white brotherhood present start to tap their staffs to the flore. Supporting me on putting on this crown. 
I asked my guide; What is this crown ment for, what is the symbolic of this crown? And he said to me:
it is the crown of pure love that you donate to yourself ...
This I can accept and softly I put the crown on my head. I do deserve my own self love, self respect and selfworth; I love me. And what a feeling this gives! The softness of white feathers, the softening pure love that I am giving me.



Souldrawings development

I make a lot of souldrawings for people, to help them along their ways in life. And also once in a while I make a souldrawing for myself. The drawings are usually bigger, because I know myself better than anyone else. And also most of the times a lot of channeling is being done, concerning the issues I am dealing with at that time.
I have done a lot of these souldrawings and in different ways. It started with only drawings with a pencil. Later it became a set of fineliners with color fineliners too. I tried aquarel, ink and all combinations that could be nice to work with. Looking back now, you can see the development that has gone through this proces of working. From the smallest pencil drawing, to the loads of words, colors and dynamic drawings they are now.
Here there are a few of the drawing that I made for myself, so you can compare them in their development:




My work during Soultraveling

The journeys of my life are in different dimensions for those who can see. I started soultraveling in 2009 and they still continue to this day. But the focus has been changed. In the first two years I was taken on a lot of journeys, to all corners of the dimensions so to say. I met up with different stars, planets, portals, grids, elementals, starbeings, guides, angels, gods and goddesses. All the myths were opened up to me and my knowledge grew and grew.

In the year 2011 there was this year of really learning what the journeys were about; learning to know my self, and where I came from. I learned what souljourneys really are, a shared image that our guides offer us, and the energy coming from it, helps to heal and to clearify and love ones self. There also is the contact with the spirits on the other side in this way, that is very warm and loving.

In this year the focus has been changed again, I realized that more and more I go on journeys with people who have to go a step further, or who are to learn to make contact in another way. Mostly these peope already are very open and have had a lot of experiences so far with the spirits. And although they have had these experiences they come to me and I go on a journey with them.

I asked myself WHY? Why do those people come to me if they themselves have had so much experiences and they can see for themselves as well? It's a question I have been thinking about now for a few days.
And I think the answer is, that a souljourney is a mix between focussing on our innerplane and the journey and to let the guides come in and take over and show us what is important. And instead of having random experiences, they now have some kind of tool to consciously activate the connection. I am here to make that first connection for them, to take the first step with them and to let them have trust in themselves. So that the next time, they can do it themselves!
Next to taking the first steps into this kind of journeying, I also help in taking a step further when someone is not able to do it on their own, when there are blockings. I gently show that there is someone waiting for them to take that step, to another part of themselves.
Beautiful things happen during the souljourneys. We receive the energy and warmth from our guides and angels who are supporting us on our journey. We get healing and are getting more familiar with our soul-selves and who we really are.
I''m thankfull to be able to do this "job", but to be honest, it is not a job, it is a passion of me!


Mother Tree

Every forest has them, the mother trees of the forest. The oldest trees amongst younger ones. They are the huge living creatures in our environment. Why do we call them mothertrees? Because they share there wisdom with the other trees and plants around them.

Did you notice that around large trees there is always a kind of circle... a circle in which only small plants grow, but no other trees. The trees in the first circle around are smaller than the mother tree.

The trees communicate via the roots and the funghi underneath the ground. It is  almost like our brain does the transmitting via neurones, here the little funghi do the work. They transmit experience of the tree to the other trees around them.

When you see a mother tree, just try and stand softly on one of their big roots. Feel the warmth coming up towards you, the love of the tree for us humans. But this is not only from the mother tree, it is also coming from the other trees around it, and don't forget that this is mother earth as well.

The mother tree helps you to get rid of negative thoughts and feelings, it clears your brain with lush green energy. It fills the longs with pure healty air. It shares it's wisdom and experiences of more than 100 years of life with you, if only you are ready to listen...

Don't we all love trees?


7 Sisters

Seven Sisters
Seven colours
Seven hearts
Seven souls
Seven rays of light
come together and unite


Like a drop in the ocean...

every rinkle in the sea
is a thought that came from me

coming fastly form spirits core
it will reach to every shore

all our thoughts together created earth
and that's what makes it all worth

directly from the heart we learn
to live life without concern

joy, love and nature true
will always be there for you


Het Leven

Het leven op aarde is een groot goed en vergt veel van de ziel. Ieder mens aanwezig op jullie aarde op dit moment is een meester die op zoek is naar vervolmaking. De meester is niet noodzakelijkerwijs bezig met het spirituele aspect van het leven. Velen zijn bezig met het uitwerken van vraagstukken en gevoelens of emoties uit dit en vorige levens.

Echter, de ziel eenmaal op aarde heeft de vrije keuze om al datgeen dat op zijn weg komt op zijn of haar eigen wijze op te pakken en te observeren. De ziel in zichzelf is zuiver, echter de verbinding tussen de ziel en het lichaam, dat uit meerdere niveaus bestaat, die verbindingen kunnen op sommige niveaus verstoord zijn geraakt. Veelal gebeurt dit door de opvoeding van het kind. De systemen en technocratische maatschappij waarin jullie leven, laat al in jullie vroegste jaren haar sporen na.

Er zijn echter ook mensen op jullie planeet die die verbinding niet hebben losgelaten, of die naderhand de kracht hebben gevonden om tegen alle winden in die verbinding te herstellen.

Hoe nu verder? Allereerst is het van het grootste belang, dat kinderen hun vrijheid van denken en voelen behouden. Waarbij wij jullie verzoeken om niet alles wat zij opmerken te veroordelen als zijnde fantasie. Luister naar de kinderen, zij zijn het grote licht van de toekomst. Geef hen ook de natuur, zodat zij kennis kunnen maken met het Rijke leven op aarde. De Rijkdommen van het dieren- en plantenrijk waarin de schepper zulke perfecte wezens heeft gecreeerd. Laat kinderen al vanaf hun geboorte ruiken, luisteren, voelen en proeven van de natuur rond je huis, hun thuis. Zodat zij een band op bouwen en aarding krijgen in het werkelijk leven.

Door deze aarding en verbinding met de aarde en gehele schepping, zullen zij beter in staat zijn hun zielsverbinding vast te houden en te ontplooien naarmate ze ouder worden.

Nogmaals willen wij jou erop attenderen dat een positieve houding, in iedere situatie, de beste invloed heeft op het geheel. Jouw bewustheid van jouw gedachten op jouw leven, zal een enorm effect hebben. Zie het als een uitdaging om iedere dag, in iedere situatie het positieve te zien en een weg te vinden om deze positieve zaken uit te vergroten en te versnellen. Beïnvloed jou leven door deze kant op te sturen, vreugdevol, liefdevol en sociaal.

Door deze houding beïnvloed je niet alleen je ervaringen in het leven, het brengt je ook in een sterkere verbinding met je (hoger) zelf en het heel-al.

Kies vandaag wijs, kies positief ;) want wij hebben jullie lief!

De vier.


Surrounded by energy

Last weekend, I was working on a paranormal event, drawing for people. And during that event, I felt so good, so calm en with so much love. I did ask my guide to protect me and had grounded myself with love. When the person next to me made a picture of me on the spot, I saw that loads of energies were with me. It is such a beautiful picture that I wanted to share with you all.



mijn besluit, mijn poging...

na veel lezen en proberen heb ik een besluit genomen
het ligt niet vast en het blijft een poging tot
maar dit is wat ik zal proberen vanaf nu
tot zo goed ik het kan, en het precies werkt zoals ik wil
ter ondersteuning van het geheel en met liefde voor de aarde

ik zal mij visualiseren zoals het mij het beste lijkt voor onze aarde
visualiseren en geloven dat het zo kan zijn en zo is
wat voor ieder mens de mooiste ervaring zal zijn
die hij of zij zich voor kan stellen

niet in materie, maar in liefde, in vrede, in kalmte en in rust
in passie, extase of in creativiteit van de geest
in warmte, comfort, luxe of eenvoud
gelijkheid, ruimte, vrede en vrijheid

ik heb besloten om alleen nog positieve dingen te vermelden
en positieve dromen te laten zien
de dingen die goed gaan te benadrukken
en de negatieve dingen anders te gaan interpreteren
of om te buigen tot het goede

pas als dat kan, zal ik blij zijn, mijn wereld compleet
dan pas, als ik kan zorgen voor de blijdschap om mij heen
en het geluk van anderen, naast het mijne
dan zal ik klaar zijn met mijn werk
ik zal niet rusten tot ik een weg gevonden heb
en dat voor elkaar te krijgen

zuiverheid, openheid, eerlijkheid
dat zijn de gereedschappen
visualisatie, emotie, gevoel en liefde
daar mag ik het mee doen

het geheim doorgronden en aan anderen tonen
doorvertellen en behouden voor de nieuwe generatie
voor de ouden die nog zijn en wij die nog veel moeten leren
ik visualiseer mij, dat velen met mij deze nieuwe weg
zullen gaan bewandelen en de poorten openen
voor een nieuw bewustzijn

samen zijn we nog sterker dan de kracht van één
de verbinding tussen ons mensen
en onze zielen die met ons zijn verbonden
laten ons boven ons uitstijgen
en werkelijk volwassen worden

nieuwe aarde, we zijn onderweg!


Power stick

Last week I felt the urge to make something, for a special occasion coming up in octobre. Then a few friends and I will meet and will create a power circle to give our love to Mother Earth. To do so, we had some ideas about rituals we are wanting to complete together, and from out of nowhere this idea of a power stick came to me. Ofcourse I probably heard about such items somewhere sometime, but I have never had one, or made one before. And so now, I felt I had to make one.

Now, I'm not the kind of person to go to a store and buy such a thing, that's not my way. And also, I'm the kind of woman who cannot throw away things that I like but have no reason to be in my house, which often results in a lot of clutter I'm afraid. I remembered there was this stick in my house that my little girl found when she was about 3 years old. I always kept it as an artpeace, together with some driftwood and shells we found on the beach that same beautifull day in autumn, 3 years ago. It was time to change the purpose of this stick.

I looked a bit more around in my creative clutter thingies and found some shells that are to be used in bracelets, as beads. As I liked it to be all kind of white and greyish, I bought a string of white leather in a local shop, the only thing that was not in my house. It was now complete, all the things I needed were with me. And I started to work on my stick.

I know there were a lot of beautiful energies around me when I started with my so called power stick. It was such a pleasure to make it, even though it was not immediately correct and as I wanted, but it grew beneath my hands. The energy of it is very pure and white, loving and kind, yet powerful. As I alway connect to the things I make, I have put a lot of my energy in it too. I really love the result.

Ofcourse I do not only want to tell you about my stick! I also want to share the image of it:


Entering a new episode of the lemniscate

Often during souljourneys we come to doors we have to open. Every door or portal is different, in visualisation, in ways to open and in ways to experience what lies behind.

This door we opened yesterday, was the opening of a new episode in life on earth. A phase in the never ending story, the lemniscat of everlasting life. It was opened by both spirits from earth as well as spirits from above. Diana and me with our guides, the four of us, but probably a lot of people did so together with their guides, and we were just shown this in a visualisation.

The above meets the below, and we will and shall work together in this new episode. There comes the alchemistic essence: As above, as below! We shall meet in the middle dear friends.

If you want to read the whole story you can go to this blog: http://adraainsoultravel.blogspot.nl/2012/09/de-vierkante-deur-en-de-nieuwe-fase.html I know it is in Dutch, we did not yet have time to translate the story, but you can try google translate for that, it always comes close :)