Love is in the air

I took this photo tonight,
what a beauty in the sky,
for those who looked up
and saw it :)

Love is in the air


Red Doors .... painting

today I started this painting,
this is the first layer in red
inspired by a souljourney
the colors of nepal and mongolia
the doors will arrive later

Clear Path

It finally happened that I came to see my path in front of me during a souljourney. After being initiated, cleared and healed there came this beautiful path in front of me and it led me to the perfect place where my guide was waiting for me.

Never before did I know what it was, where it would lead to or how to do "it". Now I know, things are becoming clear and the power and persistence in it are being let free, I could feel both sides, masculin and feminin powers within it.

Now it is time to go on with it, to introduce soultraveling to people, to let them experience and enjoy the love, the healing, the wisdom and knowledge.



De zoetheid van het licht
de waarheid van de diepte
het water van de droom

wat leven is hier waar
welke bloem haar kleur
en hoe ver is de horizon

groen van de geur
en blauw van de zon
totaal in de war

waarde na waarde
leven na leven
zoeken en zoeken

de waarheid bestaat
maar is onduidelijk hier
dit is het leven

zo ontstaat heimwee

naar de waarheid
naar de werkelijkheid
naar de echtheid



To be in the center

between heaven and earth
balancing with two
sides of life
in love